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The years 1987, 1997, and 2007 have more in common than the integer seven.

July 19, 2017

Please click here to read the analysis by Jonathan Lewis that finds a common thread between three years.

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Investment Themes and Opportunities

July 10, 2017

Donald M. Wilkinson, III, CFA, shares three key themes that make his team optimistic about the outlook for technology.

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Opportunities in Preferred Securities: Income Enhancement in a Low Yield Environment

June 23, 2017

In this commentary, Brian Meaney, our Vice President and Portfolio Manager for Fixed Income Investments, reviews the market for preferreds and discusses their potential to enhance investor portfolios. Commentary Highlights: In today’s environment of low yields and tight credit spreads, preferred securities present an opportunity to supplement income-focused strategies and may enhance after-tax total return.    […]

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All Eyes on Washington, but Many Critical Issues Move Forward at the State Level

May 04, 2017

While we wait for additional clarity out of Washington, including the ultimate outcome of the health care bill, states have been taking action and pursing proposals that may have significant downstream credit impacts on local governments.

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Hedge Fund Investing: Without a Crystal Ball (or Basketball)

May 04, 2017

Recently, retail investors have started to pay more attention to “liquid alternatives” investment strategies. This commentary outlines a few of the things investors should keep in mind when considering investing in liquid alternatives.

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Investing in Emerging Markets

April 24, 2017

In this white paper and webinar, Julian Mayo, Co-CIO at Charlemagne Capital, discusses the investment themes driving emerging markets today, and why previous underperformance has started to reverse.

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Higher Education Credit Commentary

March 30, 2017

In this commentary, Kelly Puls, a member of the Fixed Income Credit Research team, discusses the role of higher education in the municipal market and four key factors for evaluating higher education credit health:   A low tuition growth environment Decreased state support Federal policy changes Level of student debt Please click here to read the commentary.

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Early Stage Investing and Seed Fund Opportunity

January 23, 2017

Forward-thinking investors have recognized that a subset of the hedge fund industry – hedge fund seeding – offers a potential opportunity to benefit not just from attractive investment returns, but from the hedge fund industry’s growth as well. For those investors who believe that the hedge fund industry will continue to grow, the environment for […]

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Donald Trump, Camelot, and the Ghost of the New Frontier

January 09, 2017

Jonathan E. Lewis, Fiera Capital Inc. Chief Investment Officer, shared a speech on January 5th at the Empire Club of Canada in Toronto. In his speech, Lewis explains how President Kennedy’s New Frontier offers us a historical parallel for the new Trump Administration. Please click here to view his speech, and here to read it. 

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Looking Ahead: Post-Election Assessment

December 15, 2016

Please click here to read the analysis by Carolyn N. Dolan, Executive Vice President and Head of Direct Client Investments, and Joseph A. Abraham, Senior Vice President of Direct Client Investments, on potential changes that the Trump administration’s pro-growth proposal may have on markets. 

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